Higher Education Water Conservation Audit


This campus irrigates 28 different sites. Five of these sites are considered auxiliary sites and were not reviewed. Auxiliary sites are those that directly or indirectly pay for their irrigation water without university funds. The remaining 23 irrigation sites are comprised of athletic fields, educational buildings, administrative buildings and common areas. This campus faced the dilemma of paying for irrigation water versus the health and beauty of the campus’ plant material. With budgets shrinking, an opportunity to help reduce the irrigation water cost without jeopardizing the health of the plant material was realized.  


SC&A developed a comprehensive irrigation retrofit program to reduce the amount of water used. Recommended retrofit measures included new smart controllers, flow meters, rain sensors and master valves. It is estimated that this campus irrigation water use will decrease by 64% resulting in a water cost reduction of over $41,200.00 per year.


•  A potential water savings of approximately 64% annually.
•  A potential savings of approximately 10.0 million gallons of water annually.
•  A potential water cost savings of approximately $41,200 annually.
•  A Return on Investment of 4.6 years.
•  A potential 20 year savings of approximately 200.2 million gallons of water.
•  A potential 20 year savings of approximately $728,000.
•  Initial Costs: $191,000.